Care Association New Zealand - Why CANZ? Because CANZ can!!

About Us

CANZ is based on the belief that our members' needs are of the utmost importance. Our committee is committed to meeting those needs.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the sector.

What do we offer?
CANZ is a provider representative group. It uses its experience and expertise, gained over many years working and representing the aged care sector with the government agencies that have oversight for our performance, to ensure that care delivery in aged care facilities is enhanced. It provides advice and help to members that is practical and efficient.
CANZ is:-
·      an organisation for providers with a working Executive very familiar with your problems.
·      dedicated to ensuring that the providers have a voice at government level
·      dedicated to ensuring that members’ views are heard and represented
·      pro-active in finding the ways and means to curtail costs
·      active in ensuring that members have the tools to fulfill contractual obligations effectively
·      able to communicate information effectively and efficiently
·      able to be contacted from anywhere in the country to deal with issues in any region immediately
·      providing members with regular newsletters to ensure they have available the latest news the moment it becomes available.
·      You receive the news when and how we receive it.
·      Assisting members through regular meetings and management seminars
·      NOT keeping office hours; it can be contacted any time.

We are proud to introduce the committee: 

Jessica Buddendijk, Owner/operator of a quality advisory service with 30+ years experience in aged care and 7 years experience as lead auditor and over 40 years experience in the health sector.
09 5795204 or 021 311055 or

Victoria Brown, Owner/operator of a Dementia specialist facility with 30+ years experience in aged care. 09 4451707 or
Jennie Herring, Owner/operator of a stand alone rest home/ hospital with 25+years experience as owner/operator

Peter Mathyssen, operator of a stand alone rest home with 7 years of hands-on experience in aged care

Sharon Jordan, Registered Nurse with 15 years as RN/nurse manager in the aged care sector and 40 years in the health sector.   
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